Plastic Bags No Longer Accepted for Curbside Residential Yard Waste Pickup

Plastic bags are no longer an option to contain yard waste for residential curbside pickup within the City of Sarasota. The City’s yard waste contractor, Veransa Group, will no longer process yard waste contained in plastic bags, prompting the policy change.

Alternatives to plastic bags include: paper bags, reusable containers and tied bundles or stacks placed curbside for collection.

Yard waste placed curbside must meet these specifications:

  • Bundles: 48-inches or less in length tied with compostable twine and weighing 50 pounds or less
  • Paper bags, reusable containers: weighing 50 pounds or less when filled

“The majority of our residents already are using paper bags or reusable containers for their yard waste,” said Todd Kucharski, Public Works General Manager. “With a reusable container, there’s a savings for residents in the long run since they don’t have to continually purchase plastic bags for weekly yard waste pickup. As this new policy is implemented, our Solid Waste team will be available to answer any questions or concerns.”

Yard waste collection questions and requests for a special pickup should be directed to the Solid Waste Division of the Public Works Department:  941-263-6170.

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