Board Initiative


  • Develop relationship with press/media.
  • Develop relationship with county administration.

At their April 26, 2024, meeting the Board discussed a Communications (working draft) that identifies Goals, Audience, Channels, Building Relationships and Evaluation.

From this discussion, the Board has identified the following areas of concentration:

  • Update General Email Distribution – Identify and include:
    • City and County elected officials
    • City staff management and other selected staff.
    • Past neighborhood leadership (Presidents, Delegates and Alternates)
    • Neighborhood Association Board Members (as identified by their President)
    • Past Speakers and Presenters
    • Community Association leadership
  • Reinstate our Facebook Page
  • When appropriate, send out Press Releases to the media.
  • When appropriate, send out general emails to membership in addition to “From the Desk of”
  • Set meeting agendas to allow for more time for
    • Member’s Q&A of presenters,  
    • Neighborhood Reports
    • General Discussion of Issues
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