Meaningful Input

Strategic Initiative – Membership

  • Development Review Input/Interaction
  • Compatibility of development with neighborhood 

Following their April 26, 2024, meeting, the Board is working on redefining this ongoing initiative, with emphasis on these identified priorities.  Membership volunteers:

  • Compatibility – Kevin Spence, IBSSA and Valerie Buch, SHA Resident Council
  • All aspects- Norm Dumaine, Glen Oaks Estates

The existing committee with added members will continue their efforts on Meaningful Public Input while focusing on these priorities.  We have an opportunity to work with staff on a review and update of the DRC process and also work towards making “compatibility” objective, not subjective and thus be included in that review.

Committee Members:

Jim Ludwig, Chair (CCNA 1st Vice President)

Neighborhood Leg

  • Kelly Brown, CCNA District 1 Representative)  

Developer Leg

  • Carl Shoffstall, Chair (CCNA Treasurer)

City Leg

  • Joanne Gonet, Co-Chair, (2nd Vice President)
  • Jim Ludwig, Co-Chair (CCNA 1st Vice President)  
  •  Norm Dumaine, Advisory (Glen Oak Estates)
  • Lou Costa (CCNA Immediate Past President)  

Meaningful Neighborhood Input to the Land Development Process

(CCNA Board – Ad Hoc Committee) 

The CCNA Board established the Meaningful Public Input committee in June 2022.  Their goal is to address the CCNA Strategic Plan Proposal Aug 27 (2021) which provides the background, intent, action required, and rationale of the assignment.

Why now?
“We are in a time of unprecedented growth. City staff, developers, and neighborhoods working together leads to growth that benefits all. Meaningful neighborhood participation in this process can prevent the deleterious effects of building the right thing in the wrong place or the wrong thing in the right place. Improvement of this process can be completed in 2 years.”

Current Status:

The committee has made significant gains working with the City staff and has reached a point where it needs to add additional resources as it reaches out to include the Neighborhoods and the Developer Community.   A number of those changes were presented by Ron Kashden (slides) to CCNA Membership at the June 3, 2023, Meeting.   A Committee Update and Plan to Move Forward segmenting the project into 3 legs was approved by the CCNA Board on June 15, 2023.

Neighborhood Leg is finishing a detailed presentation packet, developed in conjunction with Development Services they will be taking to the neighborhoods to identify the best way to effectively communicate.

Developer Leg has begun to identify team members having talked with several people in the development community, on ways developers can effectively involve neighborhoods in the process. 

City Leg is actively meeting with staff to clarify both “workshops” and “compatibility”.

White Papers:

Committee members in researching, defining and formulating actions authored several white papers. These are not recommendations rather topic specific thoughts of committee members.

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