Meaningful Public Input

Committee Members:

  Jim Ludwig, Chair (EC 1st Vice Chair)

  Norm Dumaine (Glen Oak Estates)

  Joanne Gonet (EC Treasurer)

  David Morriss (IBSSA) 


Meaningful Neighborhood Input to the Land Development Process

 (an Executive Committee – Ad Hoc Committee) 

The Executive Committee established the Meaningful Public Input committee in June 2022.  Their goal is to address the CCNA Strategic Plan Proposal Aug 27 (2021) which provides the background, intent, action required, and rationale of the assignment.

Why now?
“We are in a time of unprecedented growth. City staff, developers, and neighborhoods working together leads to growth that benefits all. Meaningful neighborhood participation in this process can prevent the deleterious effects of building the right thing in the wrong place or the wrong thing in the right place. Improvement of this process can be completed in 2 years.”

White Papers:

Committee members in researching, defining and formulating actions authored several white papers. These are not recommendations rather topic specific thoughts of committee members.

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