Strategic Initiative – Membership

  • Noise Control
  • Vacation Rental Control 

Following their April 26th meeting, the Board is working on setting up a committee to work on this initiative that will identify the scope of this initiative and establish action items.  Membership volunteers:

  • Noise Control – Ricki Lindsay, Bay Point Park
  • Vacation Rental Control – Leslie Spangler, Alta Vista
  • All aspects- Eileen Normile – Hudson Bayou 

 The scope of this 2024 project is scaled down from a much larger initiative “Code Enforcement”.  The intent is to work on these action items, but also move forward on transitioning from our traditional reactive approach to Code Enforcement to one that is more proactive.

Code Enforcement is more than Code Compliance

People not familiar with the way Sarasota Government is organized have expressed difficulty understanding “Code Enforcement”.   No one department has Code Enforcement responsibility, rather responsibilities are split between Code Compliance (Development Services), Public Works, Parks and Rec, Risk Management, Utilities, Parking, the Police, and others.  To effectively report a violation, it is imperative to know which department handles what code violations.  The 3 More Information pictures below are linked to the City’s website pages designed to help people understand who handles what, most reported violations with code references, important contact phone numbers, how the process works and answers to frequently asked questions.      


More Information

Guide to Code Compliance
C ode Compliance Process
Frequently Asked Questions


This is downloadable app to report problems such as potholes, broken sidewalks, tree limbs down, parking meters, and many more.  Based on the reported violation, the app will direct the reported incident to the proper City department which may include Public Works, Parks & Rec, Utilities, Risk Management, Parking, and Code Compliance.  Users can also add photos and the physical location of the issue to assist staff. Download this innovative smartphone or tablet tool. It also works directly in your browser.    Click-2-Fix demo video (40 sec).

Note: CCNA helped design and pilot Sarasota’s Click-2-Fix app.


Service Requests – (Utility and City Services Related Issues)

You must Register / Log In to make a new service request, report a problem or track a previous inquiry.  This log-in process is different than the Citizen Connect Portal used for code violations. You may use the same user id and password as you do for code violations. 

Once logged in you can view the status of your previous requests and add additional information.

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