CCNA Neighborhood Award Goes To:

Kathy Kelley Ohlrich in Lou’s absence:  “For this agenda item alone, I am very pleased that Lou Costa is having a vacation. Because that means I get to present this award.

The initial recipient of this award was City Manager, Marlon Brown.  The person receiving the award this year, may be the first city employee I ever met. When we met, I knew there was an immediate connection. I do know I learned about CCNA from this person. In fact, this person is frequently the first line of contact and communication from neighborhoods to the city – we ask how do we do this; how do we do that; how do we get this done and who do we talk to get that done? This person has all the answers or knows to whom we should speak to get the answers and to get things done. She frequently gets our grief and sometimes gets our thanks. In fact, when the city issues neighborhood grants, we sort of think that money is coming from her, because she is always so helpful to us in writing the grants. Today we convey our deep gratitude and sincere appreciation to Nancy Kelly for everything she does for CCNA, the city’s neighborhoods, and their residents.”  (3/5/2022)

               Congratulations Nancy!

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