Delegate Responsibility

The strength of CCNA comes from the collective efforts that our neighborhood leaders take to focus on issues that preserve and enhance our city’s neighborhoods, both individually and community wide.  Being a CCNA Delegate requires being in touch with your neighborhood’s Officers, Board of Directors, resident members and others residing, working in, or owning property in your neighborhood.

Delegate Responsibilities:

  • Attending Monthly CCNA Meetings and sharing update on issues or matters of concern, upcoming events and other neighborhood news.
  • Sharing information from CCNA with your Officers and Board Members.
  • Seeking opinions on pending CCNA motions, position statements, and resolutions with your Officers and Board Members.
  • Facilitate getting your membership dues paid.
  • Updating any changes in your neighborhood information (President and CCNA Delegates and Alternates names, email addresses and phone numbers, both with CCNA and with the City of Sarasota.


Your EC District Reps are available to answer questions and assist their neighborhoods as needed.  Email them directly by clicking on their name.

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