Redevelopment Plans

There are six main neighborhood associations in the Newtown CRA: Amaryllis Park, Bayou Oaks, Central Cocoanut, Janie’s Garden - SHARO, Orange Ave/Courts/Bertha Mitchell -SHARO, and North Trail.

Newtown CRA Redevelopment Plan

The Vision of the Newtown CRA Redevelopment Plan: to create and maintain a safe community with financially stable and prosperous residents, a thriving “main street” corridor, diverse housing options, and a positive brand centered on the celebration of the area’s history and cultural arts. The purpose of the updated plan is to identify and initiate new programs and projects that will take the CRA district into a new redevelopment phase and ensure the preservation of the historic Newtown community. 

The updated Newtown CRA Plan was adopted on April, 20, 2021, by Resolution No. 21R-2985.

In addition to Downtown (DSCA) there are 3 additional neighborhood associations covered by this plan: Rosemary, Gillespie Park and Park East

Downtown Master Plan 2020

The Downtown Master Plan 2020 was prepared for the City of Sarasota in 2001. This new plan is built on earlier plans for the Downtown, including those of 1983, 1986, and John Nolen’s plan of 1925. The main contribution of this Master Plan is an increase in precision, the assignment of priorities, and the
provision of tools for implementation-specifically a new zoning code. Major themes in the new plan are:

  • Connecting the Downtown to the Bayfront;
  • A System of Walkable Streets;
  • A Balanced Transportation System;
  • Walk-to-Town Neighborhoods;
  • Civic Improvements;  and
  • Strategic, Pragmatic Implementation.
Adopted with Revision -January 22, 2001 -Resolution 01 R-1336 
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