Housing Affordability

Comp Plan Amendments and Zoning Text Amendments


The City Commission approved Comprehensive Plan Amendment (22-PA-04) in late 2022.  Its intent is to provide an opportunity for a density bonus up to four (4) times base density in exchange for attainable housing provided on-site for projects in the downtown.  To implement the Comprehensive Plan Amendment, a Zoning Text Amendment will be drafted that will provide regulations and details about the density bonus incentive and required attainable housing.

Meaningful Neighborhood Input

In fall 2022, Planning staff reached out to CCNA’s Meaningful Neighborhood Input committee with the purpose of identifying things we collectively can do to improve the public input process and apply those principles to the upcoming Zoning Text Amendments.  Those discussions centered around process and included the need to better define the affordability issue to the general public in non-technical terms, to set up a number of public and targeted group meetings before any specific draft text was introduced, and to gather input and subsequently follow-up with answers to questions raised.  Emphasis was placed on making meeting notices well in advance of the meetings and to have discussion materials available far enough in advance so participants can have time to look at them and be better prepared to listen to the presentation, resulting in more poignant questions.  Additionally, we agreed to upgrade the information we each put on our websites with the goal of giving people looking for materials a single site that would link to all relevant documentation, slide presentations, and meeting recordings.

Multiple Phase Approach

Phase 1 – Downtown

 will include implementing a density bonus within the downtown for developers when attainable housing is provided on site.  The density bonus is for more units within existing zoning parameters.  Increased building heights will not be considered.  Increased density would be achieved by adding more living units within the existing space.

Phase 2 – Corridors 

will include implementing the new Urban Mixed-Use Future Land Use classifications along commercial corridors and centers that will have a density bonus when attainable housing is provided on site. This will require creating brand new zone districts, with work expected to begin fall 2023, following Phase 1.

Revised City Planning Website

Planning is significantly updating their website pages with the goal of organizing information by subject and using links to related materials, giving people looking for materials a single site that would link to all relevant documentation, slide presentations, and meeting recordings.

This new page is focused on the current project of coming up with ZTA’s for Phase 1 – Downtown and includes a number of links of interest including the slide presentations of the Town Halls and other meetings. 

Attainable Housing Density Bonus for Downtown Zone Districts, 23-ZTA-03

The Zoning Text Amendment application (23-ZTA-03) and executive summary may be found here.

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