Neighborhood Speeding

Committee Members:

  Lou Costa, Chair (EC Past Chair)

  Pat Robinson (Deputy City Mgr)

  Rex Troche (Police Chief)

Chronic Neighborhood Speeding Mitigation

(Pilot Program)

(an EC Ad-Hoc Committee)


CCNA, City Staff & Sarasota Police Department have developed a 3-month trial program.



  1. Neighborhoods will provide specific streets and the optimum time for monitoring.
  2. The Police Traffic Division will dedicate 2 hours per day rotating thru the neighborhoods.  Speeding tickets and not warnings have been requested.  Allocating 2 hours per day, our 32 neighborhoods will be police monitored 12 times a year (once a month).  If the city allocates 4 hours per day, our 32 neighborhoods will be police monitored 24 times a year (twice a month).
  3. City will provide results at the monthly CCNA meetings.
  4. Two mobile speed monitors will be purchased for neighborhood use. These will be rotated weekly thru the neighborhoods.


Long Term Goal


 Establish a cost incentive program for installing permanent speed monitors if neighborhoods warrant it.

  •         Possibly a 30 – 70% shared cost (along with neighborhood grants – $3000 city & $10,000 County)
  • Penny Tax 4 allocated $2,400,00 for speed mitigation starting in 2025.      



There is no silver bullet solution.  This is not intended to eliminate the speeding, but it is a step in the right direction. 



updated November 2022

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