Our History

Celebrating our 30 Year Anniversary (1991 – 2021)

The CCNA 30th Anniversary Committee was comprised of three former chairs of the organization. Mollie Cardamone was the first CCNA chair. She served two terms. Linda Holland was the fourth chair and she served three separate terms. Kathy Kelley Ohlrich was the fifteenth chair and served for two terms.  The cover page of this history is the original artwork used by CCNA. It was provided by David Cussen, second chair of CCNA and shared with the committee by third chair, Virginia Haley.

The committee compiled a history of CCNA from recorded minutes as well as from their own recollections. Along with Lou Costa, the seventeenth person to serve as CCNA chair, the committee provided a video interview shared with those attending the January, 2021 meeting and with other interested persons via the website.

“We hope you enjoyed the committee’s products as much as we enjoyed compiling them for you.”  ~ Mollie, Linda, and Kathy – (January 2021)

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