Plan – Goals and Objectives

It shall be the goal of the City to achieve healthy and livable neighborhoods by:

  • Maximizing opportunities for all citizens to have meaningful involvement in the decisions that affect their neighborhood;
  • Maximizing compatibility between residential and non-residential uses;
  • Ensuring neighborhood safety and quality of life;
  • Developing safe, aesthetically pleasing and efficient transportation networks; and,
  • Preserving, protecting and enhancing neighborhood aesthetics, identity, and natural and historic resources; and
  • Embracing an Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) philosophy by focusing on the capacities and assets of associations and citizens.


1. Neighborhood Identification

The City shall encourage the formation of neighborhood organizations and identify, delineate and name all neighborhoods within the City.

2. Neighborhood Information System

The City will encourage personal communication between neighborhood associations, staff, and City Commission. The Neighborhood and Development Services Department will act as a liaison between the City of Sarasota and its citizens.

3. Neighborhood Planning Process

The City will build a strong, effective “neighborhood planning process” that establishes the type and level of assistance residents and businesses desire for their neighborhood. This process will be open to all neighborhoods and will be community asset-based, recognizing that long-term neighborhood development and sustained participation require community capacities as a foundation.

4. Neighborhood Compatibility

The City will promote compatibility of new and re-development projects within neighborhoods.

5. Neighborhood Safety

The City will promote neighborhood safety and cohesiveness by encouraging resident and neighborhood involvement in crime prevention and elimination.

6. Neighborhood Transportation

The City will provide safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing neighborhood transportation networks for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and mass transit.

7. Neighborhood Aesthetics and Identity

The City will enhance the unique aesthetic identity of individual neighborhoods.

8. School Board Cooperation

The City will cooperate with the School Board of Sarasota County in order to provide a high quality education for children of City residents.

9. Neighborhood Infrastructure

The City will develop infrastructure through its Capital Improvements Program that enhances Neighborhood Quality, including downtown.

10. Other New Initiatives

The City will investigate innovative plans, programs and initiatives associated with neighborhoods

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