Neighborhood Summit – 2023

Summit Initiatives (Draft)

The Board will present their Strategic Initiatives resulting from the October 2023 Neighborhood Summit for discussion and approval at our April 6, 2024, Member Meeting. 

Neighborhood Summit Report (Draft) Released

October’s CCNA’s Neighborhood Summit Report (draft) was at the March 2, 2024, CCNA Membership Meeting. The neighborhoods were asked to share the report with their residents and report back to any Board Member their comments. The Board will take those comments and form strategic initiatives for 2024 and forward. 

Neighborhood Summit Logistics

Released January 2, 2024:  October’s CCNA Neighborhood Summit garnered input from more than 40 neighborhood leaders in a “member only” meeting.  Over 100 items were documented, some unique and others in similar veins.  Taking those items, identifying priorities, and then molding them into action items is being worked on. The newly elected Board will take on the discussion and approval of the final draft scheduled for a January meeting. Following that, that draft will be available for discussion among the members.

A working Board draft of the items has identified the following priorities based on the number of neighborhoods that reported the same or similar issue: Ranking is done both by Topic and by Issues.

Summit Input Categorized and Ranked (Draft)

Background and Raw Data:  Saturday’s CCNA Neighborhood Summit was outstanding. More than 40 neighborhood leaders sat down in four groups and each identified issues facing their neighborhoods and began the discussion of possible solutions.  Over 100 items were documented, some unique and others in similar veins.  Taking those items and molding them into action items is the next step. From those action items, the Board will propose to the membership its strategic initiatives for 2024 and beyond. It is a really exciting time for our neighborhoods.  The following are images of white sheets each of the 4 groups produced.  These were transcribed as a summit worksheet (Excel).  From there a sort of similar topics were done and given to member neighborhoods to rank from one to 10.  That ranking will be used to help formulate our initiatives for 2024 and beyond.   Some of the items were more short-term issues that will not be initiatives rather they will be communicated and handled on a more immediate basis.

Images of every group's worksheets. Each item then transcribed into an excel format to allow easy sorting and analysis.

Note: each sheet is indexed (numbered) and that index appears in the spreadsheet.

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