Zoning Text Amendments

Active Amendments

The following are active City of Sarasota Zoning Text Amendments.  For more details on the amendment including its current status see Active Zoning Text Amendments | City of Sarasota (sarasotafl.gov)Recently passed ZTA’s are also summarized.

Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA) Batch 2023 (23-ZTA-01)

A Zoning Text Amendment to ensure consistency between the definition and standards for a subdivision, create a maximum allowable height for interstitial space, create a definition and standards for “accessory kitchens,” clarify where banquet halls less than 5,000 square feet are permitted, clarify the expansion allowance for nonconforming structures, clarify the daylight plane requirement for single-family homes, remove standard requiring noise mitigation wall for outdoor mechanical equipment for single-family homes, clarify where swimming pools are permitted for the DTN, RSM-9, and RTD-9 zone districts, expand permitted parking surface materials to include permeable parking surfaces, provide parking requirements for self-storage facilities, expand the ability to apply for an alternative parking ratio option outside of the downtown, enhancements to tree mitigation requirements, include balconies and covered front porches in the setback encroachment regulations, establish a threshold to require residential developments to have refuse and recycling picked up on private property.

Traffic Concurrency Methodology (22-ZTA-09) – ON HOLD

Staff directed to update the traffic concurrency methodology for the City. Include procedures for rezoning applications with and without site plans. Update policies for clarification.

Pending Zoning Text Amendments - Attainable Housing Initiative


The City Commission approved Comprehensive Plan Amendment (22-PA-04) in late 2022.  Its intent is to provide an opportunity for a density bonus up to four (4) times base density in exchange for attainable housing provided on-site for projects in the downtown.  To implement the Comprehensive Plan Amendment, a Zoning Text Amendment will be drafted that will provide regulations and details about the density bonus incentive and required attainable housing.

Meaningful Neighborhood Input

On November 29, 2022, CCNA’s Meaningful Neighborhood Input committee met with Planning staff for the purpose of identifying things we collectively can do to improve the public input process, particularly as they apply to the upcoming Zoning Text Amendments.  one of the outcomes was an outline of a tentative schedule for the ZTA’s identified with the Comprehensive Plan Changes passed in late 2022.

Topics Discussed:

There are two planned phases to implement the attainable housing Comprehensive Plan amendments (22-PA-04) that City Commission approved in November 2022.

Phase 1 – Downtown

 will include implementing a density bonus within the downtown for developers when attainable housing is provided on site.

Phase 2 – Corridors

will include implementing the new Urban Mixed-Use Future Land Use classifications along commercial corridors and centers that will have a density bonus when attainable housing is provided on site. This will require creating brand new zone districts, with work expected to begin mid-2023.

Town Halls

Town Hall #1:

Date: Thursday, January 19, 2023

5:30 – 7:30 pm

Sarasota City Hall Commission Chambers

Topic:  Initial Education, Discussion, and Input for Attainable Housing in Downtown Zone Districts

Town Hall #2:

Date: Wednesday March 1, 2023

5:30 – 7:30 pm

Sarasota City Hall Commission Chambers

Topic:  Overview and Feedback of Proposal for Attainable Housing in Downtown Zone Districts

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