CCNA Organization Documents


1992 OCT -2 PH 4:19

Secretary of State

Tallahassee, Florida

Pursuant to chapter 617, Florida Statutes

Originally Adopted in 1991
Amended 8/3/91
Amended 5/30/92
Membership Requirements Amended 10-19-93 Revised January 5, 2002
Membership Amended 11/1/08

Amendments are Currently Under EC Review

(chaired by Kathy Kelley Ohlrich)

CCNA Proposed By-Laws Revisions – January 2023

 Major Changes:

  • From Chair to President
  • From Executive Committee to Board of Directors (BOD)
  • From presentation of slate in January to presentation of slate in December with new BOD assuming office in January.
  • From narrowly defined membership eligibility to eligibility “or otherwise as approved by the BOD.”
  • From dues due by March to dues due in January.
  • From single year terms to 2 year terms for BOD.
  • Establishing an Issues Committee.
  • Identifying responsibilities for District Reps to the BOD.
  • Abstentions do not count as “No” votes.
  • There is no limit on an alternate delegate’s participation at meetings.

    Ad Hoc By-Laws Committee Revisions


Proposed By-Laws

Comparison (red-line) version against the prior by-laws (excluding any formatting change).

Frequently Asked Questions:

(If you have questions, please email

Question:  How would staggered terms work? 

Answer:  This is the proposed language for staggered terms (page 7):

Section 3. – Term of Office

The Officers and other Executive Committee members shall serve two (2) year terms.

  1. Staggering of Terms

Terms of Office shall be staggered:

  1. The terms for the First Vice President, Secretary and the EC members from D1 and D3 expire December 31st of an odd numbered calendar year.
  2. The terms for the President, Second Vice President, Treasurer and EC member from D2 expire December 31st of an even numbered calendar year.
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