A new service for CCNA  member neighborhoods

Sarasota Public will make your input more impactful than just emails and phone calls by…

  • empowering neighborhoods to write their own topics,
  • having residents weigh in on their thoughts,
  • giving neighborhoods a chance to support topics raised by other neighborhoods,
  • combining residents’ sentiments into a consolidated weekly email that gets sent to city hall and community leaders (which includes running tallies of neighborhood input),
  • providing neighborhood leaders with a single document for all the feedback, eliminating the need for a separate petition.

It’s an email & survey & petition all wrapped up in one.

To get started, simply send an email to Ron Kashden with the following information:

  • Name & email of person who will manage topics for your neighborhood.
  • Name & email of neighborhood representative to receive weekly emails (if they are assigned as a recipient to the topic).

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