City Publishes a Handbook for Neighborhood Associations

Organizing Neighborhood Associations is a handbook for starting and managing successful neighborhood associations, distributed by the City of Sarasota, January 2024.

Topics Include:

  • The Critical Role an Association Plays
  • Types of Associations
  • How Associations Grow
  • Successful Association Components
  • Setting Goals & Objectives
  • Sample Officer Job Descriptions
  • Six Signs of a Strong Association
  • Tips on Being a Good President
  • Demands of Effective Leadership
  • What To Do When A Member . . . .
  • Meeting Essentials:   Meeting Types, Characteristics of a Bad Meeting, Meeting Tools, Meeting Tips, Improving a Meeting, Meeting Agendas, Sample Agenda, Keeping Good Meeting Minutes
  • Neighborhood Decision Making
  • Building Consensus and Consensus Building Model
  • Maintaining Member Interest
  • Writing Association By-Laws
  • Simple Guidelines to Form a New Neighborhood in Sarasota 
  • City of Sarasota Neighborhood Services Contact Information

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