City launches the Neighborhood Canopy Program for Spring 2024

Our mature tree incentivization program is back and even better with a new name and new tree species!

Now called the Neighborhood Canopy Program, the initiative encourages residents to plant and maintain large canopy trees. The City’s Tree Mitigation Fund pays up to $500 toward an approved canopy tree when the required $100 deposit is received.

Reservations are now being taken for plantings in Spring 2024 with the following species available: Magnolia, Bald Cypress, Southern Red Cedar, Holly and Pink Tabebuia. Please note: Palm trees are not included in the program.

Residents select their preferred species and each tree is planted by the City’s vendor, Mast Landscape Management, in coordination with the City’s arborists following the “right tree, right location” philosophy.

We anticipate as many as 150 mature trees will be planted during the spring cycle, each with a minimum 2-inch caliper, adding to the City’s urban canopy, helping to lower the island heat effect, providing habitat for wildlife and boosting property values.

The next planting cycle will be in Fall 2024 with different species available: Live Oak, Green Buttonwood, Royal Poinciana, Ligustrum and Orange Geiger. The required deposit will remain the same: $100. 

The program is limited to one tree per residential property in a calendar year.

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