City Services

The City of Sarasota offers updates on a number of topics timely delivered to your email address.  Subscribe and set up your preference list.  You can select one or more or all of the available topics.  Topics include City Newsletter, City sponsored Events, Meeting Notices for Boards and Committees, City Commission Meetings, Information and News Releases, Project Updates (like Bobby Jones), Development Application Notices and many more.

Code Compliance and Click-2-Fix

CCNA worked with City Staff throughout 2021 resulting in an updated Code Compliance Portal on their website making it easier to report violations and request services.

We also helped design and pilot CoS (City of Sarasota) Click-2-Fix. This is downloadable app to report problems such as potholes, broken sidewalks, tree limbs down, parking meters, and many more. City departments receiving the submissions include Public Works, Parks & Rec, Utilities, Risk Management, Parking, and Code Compliance.  Users can also add photos and the physical location of the issue to assist staff. Download this innovative smartphone or tablet tool. It also works directly in your browser.  Click-2-Fix demo video (40 sec).

Code Compliance Inspectors and Zones

Sarasota is separated into 7 zones. A code compliance inspector (name, phone, cell, and email available by clicking on the area of the map) is assigned to each zone and works 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Mon-Fri.  There is also an additional code compliance inspector that can assist with all areas of the city who works 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Tue-Sat. If you have an urgent matter that requires assistance on Saturday from our weekend code compliance inspector, send an email to This mailbox is monitored throughout the day every Saturday.

City Parks & Recreation

Have you checked out the extensive resources of our Sarasota Parks & Recreation lately?   Aptly named LetsPlaySarasota, it is a showcase of outdoor neighborhood fun in the city.

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