Sarasota Launches Mature Tree Program

The Mature Tree Program is an incentive to encourage homeowners to plant and maintain canopy trees.  The City of Sarasota Tree Mitigation Fund will cover up to $500.00 of the cost of the tree once the $100.00 minimum deposit has been met.


Program Details:

  •  Residents will own the tree.
  • Residents are responsible for watering and pruning maintenance. (Seasonal residents must make arrangements for watering)
  • Selections will be limited to the list of approved trees. Palms are not included.
  • Minimum tree size is 2” caliper. Grade #1 minimum.
  • In accordance with the right tree, right location principle, planting location must be between the right-of-way and front plane of the house.
  • Planting under utility wires will not be allowed in most cases.
  • Residents are limited to one tree, per property, per calendar year.



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