CCNA Neighborhood Summit – Strategic Initiatives will be Discussed at April 6th Meeting

The Board will present their 2024 Strategic Initiatives resulting from the October 2023 Neighborhood Summit for discussion and approval at our April 6, 2024, Member Meeting. 

October’s CCNA’s Neighborhood Summit Report (draft) was discussed at the March 2, 2024, CCNA Membership Meeting. The neighborhoods were asked to share the report with their residents and report back to any Board Member their comments. The Board will take those comments and form strategic initiatives for 2024 and forward. 

Background:  A draft of the Neighborhood Summit with priority rankings and initiatives were sent to CCNA’s Neighborhood Presidents, Delegates and Alternates on February 20, 2024.  In his cover CCNA President Richard Harris thanked Board Members Jim Ludwig, 1st VP, Kelly Brown, District 1 Rep, and Flo Entler, District 3 Rep who worked to get an understandable document that refines and enhances the summit items and went on to thank Kathy Kelly Ohlrich, Ron Kashden, and the summit participants all for the time given to make this happen.  Richard reminded the neighborhood leadership that the report is a draft and is looking for individual neighborhood approval before we form new or reaffirm any existing initiatives and make the document public.


The October Membership Meeting’s goal was to give City Commissioners an updated set of action items in the spirit of both the Comp Plan’s Neighborhood Chapter Action Strategies (2008) and a similar summit title “Neighborhoods Only” sessions in 2016.   From comments every neighborhood represented made at the conclusion, this Summit accomplished that goal and more.   The meeting was restricted to neighborhood members.

Logistically, in Session I, the neighborhoods were split into four tables by District to identify concerns and in Session 2, the neighborhoods were randomly assigned one of four tables to discuss possible solutions.  The CCNA Board acted as moderators.   Every neighborhood had and took an opportunity to present issues they are facing both now and as they look to the future.  There were over 100 items presented, many in the same vein and others that were unique.           Summit Input Categorized and Ranked


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