2nd Town Hall Meeting – March 1st

The first of two Town Hall meetings was held on January 17th.  The goal was to start with the basics, i.e. define the problem so everyone starts on the same page. The meeting was very well attended (standing room only) and there were a lot of questions and comments by the public.   Video of January 19th Town Hall Meeting (02h 30m)

The second Town Hall meeting is scheduled for March 1st. The goal of this meeting will be to begin discussion on specifics of a Zoning Text Amendment that will use density bonus incentives for providing attainable housing within certain downtown zone districts.

In the interim, City Planning staff will be meeting with a number of various stakeholders and groups around the community.  The meeting with CCNA members is 9:00 am, Saturday, February 4th at the Bayfront Community Center.

NOTE:  The current discussion is for the downtown zone districts.  There will be similar volley of Town House Meetings set up for Zoning Text Amendments dealing with the “Corridors” later in the year.   Exact timing of this process has not been determined.

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