Engineering Design Criteria Survey #2 – Closes June 9, 2023

The City of Sarasota (City) is updating the Engineering Design Criteria Manual (EDCM) to improve the quality of design in the community.  The EDCM is prepared by the City of Sarasota to guide City staff, developers, and engineers on design standards for roads, trails, sidewalks, and all other infrastructure on City rights-of-way.  The EDCM is actively in the revision process through October 2023 and during this time the City will be collecting recommendations for changes to sections of the EDCM,

We are requesting your input which includes updates to street design standards, suggestions for how to integrate public art and streetscape, new approaches to manage drainage, and changes to development standards.  

To better understand this, please take a couple of minutes to read the below presentation and/or watch a video of the EDCM presentation before taking Survey #2:   

Survey #2 closes on June 9, 2023 –   

For more information visit the project website at:
If you have any questions comments, please contact:
Alvimarie Corales, Chief Transportation Planner

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