Membership Approves Revised By-Laws

CCNA Neighborhood Association Members ratified a revised set of By-Laws at their March 4, 2023, Meeting.  Major Changes include:

  • From Chair to President
  • From Executive Committee to Board of Directors (BOD)
  • From presentation of slate in January to presentation of slate in December with new BOD assuming office in January.
  • From narrowly defined membership eligibility to eligibility “or otherwise as approved by the BOD.”
  • From dues due by March to dues due in January.
  • From single year terms to 2-year staggered terms for BOD.
  • Establishing an Issues Committee.
  • Identifying responsibilities for District Reps to the BOD.
  • Abstentions do not count as “No” votes.
  • There is no limit on an alternate delegate’s participation at meetings.

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