June 3rd’s CCNA Meeting – Code Compliance and More

Code Compliance

 We all know that the city implements many ordinances and issues many permits with the intent that all entities abide by those underlying rules. We also know some rules are confusing and thus not followed but also that some just disregard rules.

Code Compliance is responsible for the pubic health, safety, and welfare by ensuring compliance with city codes and ordinances through education, communication, and enforcement.

Diane Kennedy, the Manager of Sarasota’s Code Compliance will lead us through how their department handles compliance.  As Diane explained “the main messages that we’d like to convey is that we are governed by the Florida Statutes and everyone has due process.” 

That will be followed by Q&A, where Richard Ellis, the Special Magistrate will join in.

Other Issues

Two important committee reports will be presented, one on Neighborhood Traffic Calming and the use of the “Warrant” and an important update on Meaningful Neighborhood Input as we move into an implementation phase. 

WATCH FOR MORE INFORMATION in our upcoming Newsletter scheduled to be emailed on May 28th.

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