From Mayor Kyle Battie:

Did you know the City of Sarasota participates in the Community Rating System (CRS) program? Sponsored by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), communities earn points for fostering a comprehensive floodplain management program and educating property owners on how to reduce or avoid flood damage. The program is voluntary and the points earned translate into flood insurance discounts for the community. 

With the City’s active commitment to floodplain management, the CRS currently offers up to a 25% discount on NFIP insurance for property owners in the Sarasota city limits. This discount is available even if your property is not in a high risk flood zone. 

Flooding is the most common and expensive natural disaster in the U.S.; however, homeowner insurance typically does not cover flood damage or loss. Flood insurance is the best option to protect your home and belongings. You don’t have to own property – renters can purchase flood insurance for their contents.

For more information, please read my open letter to residents about the importance of flood insurance and visit

Don’t Forget: Residential property owners in the city limits whose homes were flooded during Hurricane Idalia should report it to the City by email at

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