FDOT Rehab on Ringling Causeway Bridge – Project Completion Early 2024

Started in late October, the Florida Department of Transportation began a brief regular rehabilitation project on the John Ringling Causeway Bridge. Work will mitigate the effects of our aggressive coastal environment and severe weather along with strengthening the bridge structure.

Work will also extend the bridge’s service life and maintain its operational reliability. To minimize the impact to our community, the normal two lanes of traffic and the posted speed limit will be maintained with lane closures predominantly overnight, but day lane closures are allowed. The transit and bike lane will temporarily be closed for the duration so two lanes of traffic can be maintained. Marine traffic should be unaffected, although barges will be in the water so crews can work underneath the bridge. Alternating pedestrian detours will be needed when deck sealing is performed. Residents near the bridge can expect noise from equipment as well as lights during overnight hours.

More Information – FDOT Project Sheet

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